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Become a dealer of Forneza

If you have visited the Forneza website, you would probably already know about us – and we would love to know about you. It is important for us to communicate with retailers around the world so we can ensure that simple, quality, professional pizza baking is available in everyone’s backyard.

Forneza appeared on the market just in time when the trend of spending leisure time cooking together with family and friends started spreading across the world. People are looking for simple and convenient solutions in order to eat hight quality and tasty meals without much effort. Forneza is perfect for this. “You are The Pizza Chef Now,” Forneza’s slogan announces, and every customer can experience the pleasure and convenience very quickly. This easy-to-control oven heats up quickly and bakes a real Neapolitan pizza in just a minute, so it easily finds its way into the hearts of customers.

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