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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which model shall I choose?

Forneza currently has 3 models of gas ovens: Maestro 12, Maestro 16, and Forno 13. All of them differ in size, so you should choose based on how much space you have for the oven and what size pizzas you intend to make most of the time. One pizza is baked in just a minute, so even a very large company can be quickly served with pizzas, even with the smallest oven.

Maestro 12 is the model for baking pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter. The oven is compact with a modern design , so it is perfect for a small terrace or other limited outdoor space.

Maestro 16 is the largest model of Forneza, with a modern design, designed for comfortable baking of pizzas up to 40 cm. Thanks to the L-shaped burner, pizzas will be baked more evenly and will need less frequent rotation during baking.

Forno 13 is a model with a classic design, designed to comfortably bake pizzas up to 30 cm. This oven has a door so the baking surface will heat up more evenly and faster and the oven maintains a more stable temperature on a windy day.  This model has an integrated thermometer that will allow you to monitor the internal temperature of the oven, which can also be convenient when baking other dishes. When baking pizza, we additionally recommend measuring the temperature of the baking surface with a Forneza infrared thermometer.

2. Can the Forneza oven be used indoors?

Forneza pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use. This is also indicated in the user manual of the product.

3. How to clean the Forneza pizza oven?

The most important element of the cleaning process is to clean the baking surface using a wire brush with a scraper (link). The baking surface can be cleaned when it has cooled or when it is hot during baking (use protective gloves), when it is necessary to remove accumulated flour residues. The baking stone can only be cleaned dry, without cleaners or water. Never wash it in the dishwasher or in any other way using water.

4. Can only pizzas be baked in the Forneza oven?

In Forneza ovens, you can cook pizzas and other dishes, such as steaks, seafood, vegetables, fish, chicken – anything that needs a short baking time.

5. How do I know when my oven is ready to bake a pizza?

We recommend that you start baking the pizza when the temperature of the baking base reaches about 320 degrees and above. The surface of the baking base is measured with an infrared thermometer (link). However, keep in mind that the baking time of the pizza is also determined by the composition of the pizza dough and the ingredients on it. So experiment!

6. What hose and regulator do you need to connect your Forneza pizza oven to the gas cylinder? Where can you buy them?

To connect the stove, you will need a standard regulator (30 mbar) and a 9 mm (3/8″) gas hose about 1 metre long. Regulators and hoses are sold at specialised stores such as Butanas, and at the big hardware stores – Senukai and Ermitažas. 

7. What do I do if the oven goes out during baking?

A sudden drop in gas flow or a small, pulsating flame

Possible reasons:
1. Shortage of gas

2. Gas unsuitable for weather conditions

Recommended actions:

1. Check for gas in the propane tank

2. Turn off the gas control knob, wait for 30 seconds and turn on the oven. If the flame is still low, close the gas control knob and the propane cylinder valve. Disconnect the regulator. Reconnect the regulator and check for leaks. Turn on the propane cylinder valve, wait for 30 seconds and turn on the oven

3. Check whether the available gas is suitable for use at sub-zero temperatures

The flames go out

Possible reasons:

1. Strong or gusty wind

2. Low propane gas

Recommended actions:

1. Turn the front of the oven away from the wind

2. Fill the propane cylinder

3. See “A sudden drop in gas flow” above